Product Certificate of Compliance in Accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) and Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 (PPPA) 16 CFR 1700

The following is a list of prescription products that are distributed by Endo Pharmceuticals Inc. and which are subject to the provisions of CPSIA. In accordance with requirements for assuring that each product listed below complies with the Child-Resistance Packaging requirements of the PPPA, the design of the packaging was tested as indicated in each product certificate of compliance.

Product Code Product Name
63481-025-09 FROVA 2.5MG TRADE
63481-687-06 LIDODERM PATCH X 30
63481-613-70 OPANA 10MG TABS X 100
63481-612-70 OPANA 5MG TABS X 100
63481-674-70 OPANA ER TABS 10MG X 100
63481-553-70 OPANA ER TABS 15MG X 100
63481-617-70 OPANA ER TABS 20MG X 100
63481-571-70 OPANA ER TABS 30MG X 100
63481-693-70 OPANA ER TABS 40MG X 100
63481-907-70 OPANA ER TABS 5MG X 100
63481-522-70 OPANA ER TABS 7.5MG X 100
63481-629-70 PERCOCET 10/325mg X 100
63481-622-70 PERCOCET 10/650mg TABS X 100
63481-627-70 PERCOCET 2.5/325MG TABS X100
63481-623-70 PERCOCET 5/325MG TABS X100
63481-628-70 PERCOCET 7.5/325mg X 100
63481-621-70 PERCOCET 7.5/500MG TABS X100
63481-698-70 ZYDONE 10/400MG TABLET 100'S
63481-668-70 ZYDONE 5/400MG TABLET 100'S
63481-669-70 ZYDONE 7.5/400MG TABLET 100'S

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