A Better Way to Access Care: Mobility and Partnership Supply New Treatment Options to Medical Practices and Patients

For many urology practices, having access to sophisticated medical technologies is often a matter of break-even economics. Twenty five years ago, urologists identified an opportunity to bring Lithotripsy to the United States and felt it imperative to invest in this breakthrough. Today, many urology practices have made significant progress in improving access to Lithotripsy and other sophisticated urological medical technologies. HealthTronics, an Endo Health Solutions company, delivers a mobilized solution to help urologists improve patient care while preserving practice economics.

HealthTronics, which focuses on urology services, saw a baby boomer population moving into retirement age and recognized that it would soon be dense with new urology patients and treatment needs.

Its mobile units have decreased the costs and time involved in delivering non-invasive or minimally-invasive medical technologies such as:

  • lithotripsy treatment for kidney stones
  • laser treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • cryotherapy for prostate and other cancers

The mobile units are owned by numerous partnerships between HealthTronics, urologists, and urology practices. These partnerships provide comprehensive clinical, logistical and technological resources to urologists. The partnerships represent a significant opportunity for urologists to leverage cost and time efficiencies, while providing access to resources and cost-savings their patients need.

As a true partner to our customers, HealthTronics provides access to its comprehensive clinical, logistical and technological resources.