At Endo, our vision is to help everyone we serve live their best life. At its core, this vision helps guide our team to deliver our mission of developing and delivering life-enhancing products through focused execution to the patients and people who need them most. It also calls on us to think more broadly about all the stakeholders our Company impacts, from our team members, customers and shareholders, to the community at large. We feel so passionately about Endo’s broader role in society that one of the three strategic priorities of our business plan is centered around this concept. We call it “Being a Force for Good.” We believe that a commitment to responsible business practices, including the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion, will strengthen our Company, increase our connection with our stakeholders and help us to better serve our customers and communities.

Our work to identify the key tenets of our ESG strategy is based on a materiality assessment we conducted to identify the areas around which to focus our ESG tracking and reporting. We engaged stakeholder groups across Endo to understand the perspective of our customers, our team members and the patients we serve, as well as other stakeholder groups. We also engaged with our investor community to understand the areas of our business that are of most interest to them. We consulted external frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB); accessed industry-specific guidelines for healthcare companies; and looked to our industry peer group.

As a result of these engagement efforts, we have identified four focus areas for our Corporate Responsibility planning and reporting: Our Business Practices, Our Team, Our Customers and Our World. To read more about our work in these areas, please visit our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report and Data Summary File listed below.