We believe that a commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters will strengthen our Company and help us to better serve our customers and communities. Our annual Corporate Responsibility Report details our efforts across four areas of focus: Our Business Practices, Our Team, Our Customers and Our World. Some highlights of our work in 2021 are detailed below.

Our Business Practices

  • Anchored by our Code of Conduct, we work at every level of the Company to educate team members about our policies and standards and how to raise issues or concerns. More than 99% of employees completed the quarterly training around the Code.
  • Our established Supplier Code of Conduct drives a consistent approach to ESG matters across all the vendors with whom we partner.
  • To maintain, enhance and protect our information technology infrastructure, we invested in more training and education for our team members last year, including a new “CyberSafe Chat” program.

Our Team

  • To engage team members around the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, we fielded a global survey, which included more than 1,000 participants from across our sites and conducted more than 40 focus groups.
  • An external firm helped us execute a comprehensive analysis of pay within all groups at all levels of the organization. We were pleased that no inequities were found.
  • We have a robust safety program that resulted in an overall Recordable Incident Rate of 0.7 per 100 employees (versus 0.8 in 2020).
  • Endo offers customized career development programming, which resulted in approximately 160 internal promotions in 2021, or 8% of eligible team members.

Our Customers

  • Protecting the quality of our products is supported by our Culture of Excellence program that drives a principle of continuous improvement across the Company that has resulted in almost 80 process improvements.
  • We had no warning letters and no inspections that have resulted in an Official Action Indicated Notification since 2014. Our voluntary, Company-initiated recalls decreased from five in 2020 to two in 2021.
  • Endo is committed to publishing complete, accurate, transparent, objective and scientifically balanced information related to data from its studies, and shared data through 36 presentations at industry conferences and 8 publications in peer-reviewed journals in 2021.
  • In 2021, Endo donated approximately 500,000 units of medicines to support patient access to healthcare.

Our World

  • Our customized multi-year energy management strategy for each location is driving a move from diesel to cleaner and more efficient natural gas as well as renewable energy alternatives across sites.
  • We have completed the baseline assessment of our Scope 1 and Score 2 greenhouse gas emissions, which will further inform our climate strategy.
  • To better manage our use of water, we have embraced traditional and new technologies, such as membrane filtration/reverse osmosis.
  • We were able to increase our recycling in 2021 by 86%, the majority of which was plastics and corrugate materials.

To read more about our work in these areas, please visit our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report and Data Summary File listed below.

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