Advocacy and Lobbying

Endo's Public Policy Engagement

Endo’s public policy engagement focuses on building a constructive discourse in the political and regulatory environment to further the Company’s interests, mission and values, and to enhance its ability to meet patient needs. For this reason, the Company actively engages in dialog with policymakers to explain and advocate its perspectives. Endo’s political and lobbying activities (including contributions made by the Endo Political Action Committee (the “Endo PAC”)) take place without regard to the personal preferences or affiliations of team members, officers, directors, customers or vendors.  Endo’s public policy initiatives are subject to robust oversight, designed to comply with applicable law(s) and exclusively consider the Company’s interests, including trade, healthcare, patient access, regulatory, litigation, intellectual property, competition and other issues directly impacting Endo. Endo’s Code of Conduct outlines the process for team members who engage with government officials on behalf of Endo to influence official action.

Endo supports the right of all team members to participate in individual political activity. Team members must engage in such activity on their own time, at their own expense and in accordance with applicable law(s). Team members must also communicate that they are acting independently and not as an Endo representative. 

Endo’s Board of Directors is apprised of political and lobbying policies, procedures and key initiatives. 

In accordance with applicable law, Endo exclusively makes political contributions from the Endo PAC, a nonpartisan organization that provides opportunities for team members to participate in the American political process. The Endo PAC makes contributions to candidates and office holders at both the federal and state level and discloses its contributions to the Federal Election Commission (on Form LD-2) and appropriate state authorities. Contributions by team members to the Endo PAC are entirely voluntary. Endo will neither favor nor disfavor team members based on such contributions.