Advocacy and Lobbying

Endo's Advocacy and Lobbying Policies and Procedures:

The Board of Directors of Endo International plc (“Endo”) is apprised of Endo’s company policies and procedures governing lobbying activities, both direct and indirect, as well as the process utilized for decision making and retention of any resources relating to Endo’s lobbying and advocacy efforts. Contributions and expenditures are fully disclosed as required by law. Finally, Endo’s Code of Conduct outlines the process for Endo employees who communicate with federal, state, or local officials on behalf of Endo for the purpose of influencing official action or who engage in lobbying activities.


Endo International plc has not made corporate expenditures on political lobbying activities beyond such expenditures which are required to be disclosed on Form LD-2.

Endo Employee Political Action Committee Contributions

Although prohibited under U.S. law from making payments or contributions to political parties, candidates or organizations, Endo is permitted to establish, and has established, a political action committee (the “Endo PAC”). Contributions to the Endo PAC are entirely voluntary. No employee will be favored or disfavored based on his or her contributions.