Leadership Responsibilities

Endo's leadership fosters a culture of compliance by setting the appropriate “tone at the top” and by demonstrating a commitment to ethical and compliant business practices every day. Through Endo's Corporate Compliance Program, Endo's leadership supports managers and employees to conduct business ethically by providing resources such as the Code of Conduct, policies, procedures, and training and education. Endo's leadership is encouraged to foster an “open door” policy and the Company offers a variety of channels through which individuals may raise concerns, including through the Endo's Ethics Hotline.

At the same time, Endo's leadership holds all personnel accountable for ethical business conduct by enforcing policies and standards through conducting internal monitoring and auditing, investigations, responding promptly to detected problems, taking corrective action and following disciplinary procedures when appropriate.

Leadership responsibilities include:

  • Oversight by our Board of Directors through a compliance committee that receives at least quarterly updates on Endo's compliance program
  • Our Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer and may also report compliance matters directly to the Board of Directors
  • Our Global Compliance Committee oversees, assesses and enhances our company's compliance program and supports Endo's strategic approach to compliance