Endo Responsibility Statements

Public statement against use of medicines for capital punishment

At Endo, our vision is to help everyone we serve live their best life. To achieve that vision, every day our global team members are focused on the development and delivery of life-enhancing products. For over 50 years, physicians and hospital pharmacies have relied upon our products to improve the lives of patients. Consequently, we are opposed to the inappropriate use of any of our medicines for capital punishment. We work with our wholesale distribution partners and support controls intended to preclude purchases of our medicines for this inappropriate use.

Independent Directors’ Report on Mitigating Risks Related to the Sale of Opioid Medications

Posted on November 30, 2018

Endo's Board of Directors (the Board) remains committed to transparency with its stakeholders, as well as conducting its business in accordance with all legal and regulatory requirements and with the highest standards of ethical behavior. Below is a report which discusses key elements related to Endo’s opioid business risks, including the Board’s general oversight and monitoring of Endo’s compliance program, litigation matters and lobbying activities; Endo’s voluntary opioid risk mitigation efforts; and, Endo’s historical and existing compliance measures.

Independent Directors’ Report

Endo's Open Letter on the Opioid Abuse Crisis

Since its founding as a family business in 1920, Endo has evolved into a generics and specialty branded pharmaceutical company whose products help millions of patients lead healthier lives. We are deeply concerned about the opioid abuse crisis, a public health challenge unprecedented in scope, severity and complexity. We believe this crisis can only be solved through intensive collaboration among the multiple stakeholders involved in our healthcare system.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has worked to balance access to pain care medications for appropriate patients while aggressively mitigating the risks of opioid abuse. Endo supports these efforts and has taken parallel actions. Since our new Executive Leadership Team began working together in September 2016, Endo voluntarily stopped promoting opioid products to healthcare professionals and eliminated the Company's entire pain product salesforce. Endo also voluntarily withdrew Opana® ER from the market, discontinued the research and development of new opioid products and implemented additional anti-diversion measures, including product serialization aimed at thwarting counterfeiting and theft to protect patient safety.

While we are proud of Endo's actions, neither we nor any other single actor can solve the opioid abuse crisis. Instead, any solution must be multifaceted and consider not only the product supply chain, but also individual risk factors and other factors affecting utilization decisions, together with scientific, legislative and regulatory measures, training, treatment and education. Criminal trafficking of opioids (including heroin and fentanyl), illegal Internet sales and importation must also be addressed. Finally, the legitimate access needs of the millions of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain who rely on opioid medications must be considered. We remain committed to working collaboratively and proactively on a comprehensive solution to the opioid abuse crisis and to continuing Endo's longstanding mission of improving patients' lives.