Endo Responsibility Statements

Public statement against use of medicines for capital punishment

At Endo, our vision is to help everyone we serve live their best life. To achieve that vision, every day our global team members are focused on the development and delivery of life-enhancing products. For over 50 years, physicians and hospital pharmacies have relied upon our products to improve the lives of patients. Consequently, we are opposed to the inappropriate use of any of our medicines for capital punishment. We work with our wholesale distribution partners and support controls intended to preclude purchases of our medicines for this inappropriate use.

Endo’s Voluntary Operating Injunction Related to Opioid Medications

Since 2016, we have taken a number of voluntary steps to help address the opioid abuse crisis including: ceasing promotion of opioid medications, eliminating the Company’s U.S. pain salesforce, withdrawing OPANA® ER from the market, discontinuing the sale of numerous other opioid medications, discontinuing research and development on new opioid products, and continuing to enhance our program to monitor sales of opioid medications to help reduce the risk of diversion. We also continue to maintain a robust corporate compliance program.

Additionally, in November 2022, in connection with its bankruptcy proceedings, Endo agreed to a Voluntary Operating Injunction (the VOI) governing Endo’s remaining U.S. opioid business. We voluntarily agreed to these terms, including the appointment of a corporate monitor who will oversee, report on and make recommendations regarding Endo’s compliance with the VOI during the Company’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. The monitor’s reports will be made publicly available on this page.

Initial Independent Monitor’s Report - March 16, 2023

Independent Directors’ Report on Mitigating Risks Related to the Sale of Opioid Medications

Posted on November 30, 2018

Endo's Board of Directors (the Board) remains committed to transparency with its stakeholders, as well as conducting its business in accordance with all legal and regulatory requirements and with the highest standards of ethical behavior. Below is a report which discusses key elements related to Endo’s opioid business risks, including the Board’s general oversight and monitoring of Endo’s compliance program, litigation matters and lobbying activities; Endo’s voluntary opioid risk mitigation efforts; and, Endo’s historical and existing compliance measures.

Independent Directors’ Report