Healthcare Partnerships

Healthcare Partnerships support  501(c) organizations that align with our goals of providing access to care and improving patient outcomes in one or more of the following ways:

  • Cultivate awareness of men’s and women’s urological health conditions
  • Provide solutions related to pain and prescription drug abuse through education and awareness
  • Foster advocacy efforts on behalf of protecting and improving quality of care for the patients we serve

Important information for all applicants:

  • Any contribution should be considered a one-time commitment without guarantee of renewal (unless a multiple year commitment letter from Endo is received). 
  • Requests are only considered for the current calendar year.
  • Limit one application, per organization, per calendar year.
  • Organizations that receive a grant of $50,000 or more will be required to submit a final report (11 months after grant or at the project end date, if earlier) before a new request is considered.
  • All funding decisions are at the sole discretion of Endo Pharmaceuticals and may not be appealed.
  • No more than 25% of an organization's total funding for the year may come from Endo.

Types of requests that will not be considered are:

  • Medical or clinical education grants
  • Membership dues 
  • Direct contributions to individuals (e.g., scholarship or hardship assistance)
  • Funding for sectarian and religious organizations 
  • Private foundations
  • Memorial funds
  • Labor organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Medical conferences or symposiums
  • Organizations or programs that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, or disability

Medical, research and educational grants do not qualify for Healthcare Partnership funding.  Organizations seeking funding for Investigator Sponsored Research please  go to

How to Apply for Healthcare Partnerships Funding

We regret to inform you that we are currently unable to process grant applications.Thank you for your understanding.