Independent Medical Education

Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants that may be awarded by Endo are in general for accredited continuing education (CE), including Continued Medical Education (CME) as well as certain qualified Fellowship/Resident programs, and certain independent educational programs when such programs are focused on topics that are planned and conducted in the interest of safeguarding public health.

Endo reviews and evaluates requests for IME Grants only from requestors that represent an IME Provider, such as an organization or institution, which conducts educational activities that are organized and conducted completely independent from Endo.

Current Therapeutic Areas of Interest
  • Endocrinology
    • Central Precocious Puberty (CPP)
  • Orthopedics
    • Dupytren’s Contracture
  • Urology and Men's Health

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Submission Process

All IME Grant requests, whether CE or Fellowship/Residents educational proposals, must be submitted via the Endo Grant Management System. Requests for IME Grants must be submitted 75 days prior to the start date of any associated educational activity. No grant will be reviewed or approved after the start date of any such activity.

IME Grant and Fellowship requests should contain the following documentation in order to be considered complete submissions and ready for Committee Review:

  • Program Brochure (if available)
  • Agenda
  • Detailed Budget

Please note, Endo does not support travel, lodging, personal expenses, meals or compensation for any attendees, marketing activities and luxury venues not deemed conducive to the intended educational activity.

Review Process

Submissions are reviewed by the Endo Grant Review Committee on a regular basis and evaluated for their educational and scientific merit, alignment with Endo's areas of therapeutic interest, contribution to the improvement of patient healthcare outcomes, audience scope and compliance with legal, ethical and professional obligations, and availability of resources. Submission of a grant proposal does not guarantee approval.

Endo will acknowledge receipt of all submissions. Upon receipt of submission a formal notification on the status of an application will be sent once a decision is reached. Time for review will depend on completeness of the submission.

Please note that if approved and upon execution of a Letter of Agreement, payment will only be issued to the Requesting Organization listed in the submission.