Efficient Facilities Management

Working to Reduce our Environmental Footprint

We are constantly evaluating how we can work to reduce emissions and overall energy consumption with more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives. Across our sites, we are replacing older heating, cooling and lighting systems with newer, energy-efficient solutions.

For example, we replaced the steam boiler at our Rochester, Michigan site (one of our largest sites) with a high-efficiency modern boiler, which we estimate will reduce energy consumption for that site by 50% in 2020 and by 70% in 2021. At our Mumbai and Indore sites in India, we are replacing the use of diesel fuel oil with natural gas. We estimate this change may reduce CO2 emissions by about 25%, NOx emissions by about 80%, and CO emissions by more than 90%.

Investing in Green Building Projects

As Endo plans capital projects, whether it be for new construction or enhancements to existing sites, all projects must meet our environmental goals. We are proud that our U.S. Headquarters building in Malvern, PA was designed to achieve the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) goals and holds a Silver Certification as a result of careful attention to these metrics in the construction process. As we introduce new machinery within our sites, or look to replace aging equipment, determining whether these investments can support our long-term environmental goals is a major driver in our decision-making.

Future Plans

As the Company continues to reduce our environmental burden and improve the overall efficiency of our operations, we have asked each of our sites to employ a consistent Environmental Management System framework to drive our performance against a common set of metrics. We are happy to report that our Par Formulations site in Chennai, India was the first site within the Endo manufacturing network to have been granted an ISO 14001 Standard Certification from British Standards Institution (BSI), the national standards body of the United Kingdom. The ISO 14001 standard provides guidance on how a company can reduce its impact on the environment and meet its business goals. The Company plans to pursue the ISO 14001 certification for all sites over the course of the coming years.