Material Reduction & Recycling / Waste Reduction

Material Reduction & Recycling

Recycling is an important way companies can protect the environment. We have active recycling programs underway across each of our manufacturing facilities, offices and labs. Many states within the U.S., as well as India and Ireland, have separate and distinct recycling requirements, with which we comply. We also instituted an internal global recycling program to encourage team members to identify ways in which they can improve recycling efforts within their own sites. In 2022, we increased our recycling by 11.4%, from 640 tons to 713 tons, the majority of which was plastics and corrugate materials, while simultaneously reducing our overall non-recyclable content at sites.

Waste Reduction

In producing millions of products and their packaging, our sites naturally generate waste in the form of rejected components, printed materials or water-spent solvents. The goal is to limit waste and to repurpose it in sustainable ways. In 2022, we observed a decrease in hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste incineration. Sites continue to identify opportunities to reduce generated waste by improving production and quality control testing processes. In 2023, we have established a goal to increase the use of waste to help power facilities when incineration is necessary. Our team remains diligent in working to reduce the amount of waste incinerated at our plants.

For more details on Endo’s efforts to reduce its overall environmental impact, please visit our Corporate Responsibility Report.