Water Management

Case Studies in Water Conservation


India serves as a growing hub of product development and manufacturing for Endo. While its economy and population have been growing, India’s water resources have remained finite, causing the country to face significant water shortages in recent years. Endo has taken proactive steps to work collaboratively with other industries, as well as national, state, and local governments and non- profit organizations within India, to conserve water at Endo facilities in India and help do our part to address this troubling issue. In 2020, Endo implemented a water conservation system—Reduce, Recover, Recycle and Reuse—with the goal of reducing our overall water consumption by 10% while increasing our facility footprint in India by over 100%. The team is making good progress to meet our goal and will report on the results in 2021.

Rochester, Michigan

Our sterile injectable manufacturing site in Rochester has a robust water management program. The projects completed in the program include more efficient and effective equipment cleaning processes, installation of more efficient cooling towers and the elimination of a once-through water system. With the installation of new waste water meters, the site is also working proactively to identify future water conservation opportunities. Since its implementation in 2019, the program in Rochester has delivered nearly 25 million gallons of water reduction.