Supplier Philosophy

At Endo, we are working every day to develop and deliver life enhancing products to the patients and people who need them most. We do this in order to fulfill our vision of helping everyone we serve to live their best life. We realize we cannot do this alone. We partner with many suppliers from all around the globe who bolster our efforts, whether it be through professional services, raw materials, transportation, or technology enablement, to name just a few of the categories of the goods and services which Endo procures.

One of our key business priorities is to be a force for good. When it comes to our supply chain, this means engaging with suppliers who share in our commitment to operating with integrity and delivering top quality products and services. We are also working to accelerate new ways of working that can improve our productivity and help us deliver innovative solutions for our customers. To execute this effectively, it is important that we have a diverse community of suppliers with whom we can collaborate to help us reach our business objectives.

In this section of our website, you will find details on the standards we ask our suppliers to follow, contained within the Endo Supplier Code of Conduct; our commitment to maintaining a diverse group of suppliers; and how to register to become a supplier.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Registration