Publications Process

Across our enterprise, our team works to maintain product quality starting with our clinical trials, which are completed in a responsible and ethical manner and communicated transparently. The Company lists its clinical trials on our website and also registers all applicable trials on Endo has a cross-functional committee who reviews the Company’s clinical trials and directs the publishing of those trials to the site with accuracy and within the applicable time periods, as required by the government. Endo also follows all applicable regulations associated with the Sunshine Act reporting requirements.

Endo is committed to publishing complete, accurate, transparent, objective and scientifically balanced information related to data from its studies, as well as information related to the evaluation of safety and efficacy of any Endo product. Once a clinical trial is completed, we disclose the results through the publishing process, as outlined in Endo’s Scientific Publications Policy. Before initiating the development of an Endo publication, a scientific publication concept form is developed, reviewed and approved by the Scientific Publications Committee, which reports into the Chief Medical Officer.

Endo Publications must be consistent with internal policies and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines related to scientific and medical publications, including the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the current version of Good Publication Practices (GPP2). The Company is timely and transparent in its communication of Endo-sponsored study results, whether favorable or unfavorable, for both current and discontinued products. The policy also requires the Company disclose any conflicts of interest that may exist for any of the authors or study contributors.