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United by Vision

Our Purpose

Helping everyone we serve live their best life


Our vision is simple: 
to help everyone we serve live their best life.

As a specialty pharmaceutical company, we boldly transform insights into life-enhancing therapies. Our scientific expertise and deep understanding of those we serve propel our innovation.


We develop and deliver life-enhancing products through focused execution.

We do the work to understand the needs of customers and patients, and with unwavering dedication, we create therapies to meet those needs.


Our values and behaviors serve as guiding principles that shape our daily actions and equip us to fulfill our purpose.

Our passionate team members embrace our values, creating a Culture of Excellence that drives our success in advancing healthcare.

  • Value | Integrity & Quality
  • Value | Collaboration
  • Value | Drive
  • Value | Innovation
  • Value | Empathy

Integrity & Quality

Own it

  • Mean what you say. Say what you mean.
  • Make yourself proud in a job done right.
  • Act like an owner. Do it right even when no one is watching.


Unite with purpose 

  • Work as a team to achieve more.
  • Come together with one goal and no hidden agendas.
  • Work hard and support each other harder.


Be action-biased

  • Wake up determined. Go to bed satisfied.
  • Be on a mission to deliver on our mission.
  • Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.


(re)Invent a better way

  • Ask “why,” then “why not?”
  • Ride the wave of curiosity—it leads to discovery.
  • Walk out of the past to step into the future. 


Listen with your ears and your heart 

  • Learn why it matters to the customers we serve.
  • Understand others' perspectives.
  • Listen without judgement and challenge your own assumptions.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Supporting an Inclusive Workplace

Our culture draws power from our team’s diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We embrace and celebrate the unique voices of the Endo team and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. That inclusion creates a sense of belonging and empowers each person to be their best self. 

Learn more about our employee resource groups (ERGs), cultural awareness initiatives, equity measures, and unwavering commitment to DEI in our Corporate Responsibility Reports. 

Meet Our Team

Our team members are unmatched in their ability to solve problems and make a difference for the people we serve.

Discover more about Endo’s culture, our meaningful work, and the incredible people who deliver on our mission every day—in their own words.

  • Mick McGuinness

    A Commitment to Quality in All We Do

    “It takes drive and dedication to pursue excellence in our everyday work, as we strive to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We need all team members collaborating and sharing best practices, so we can learn from one another. Sharing these values across our teams creates a mindset and attitude that underpins a culture within the walls of Endo that is focused on achieving top product quality for our customers each and every day.”

    -Mick McGuinness, Senior Vice President, Global Quality and Compliance

  • Tarah Bors

    Operating with Integrity

    "At Endo, our Field Sales Team feels completely supported by the company. We can openly ask questions, get direction from our Compliance leaders, and course-correct when needed. There is a feeling that 'we're all in this together,' which encourages and empowers team members."

    -Tarah Bors, Specialty Sales Executive

  • Julie Sims headshot


    “Endo has a proud legacy of making a positive impact in the communities where we work and live. Through our commitment to help reduce healthcare disparities, we volunteer together to plant and harvest fresh produce in support of local food banks to get nutritious food into the hands of those who need it most. We believe good health is the foundation to living your best life.”

    - Julie Davis Sims, Director, Regulatory Affairs

  • Sampathkumar Chittibabu

    Collaborating to Provide Broader Access to Healthcare

    “We know patients do not always get access to the healthcare they need, especially those who live in remote places, where the closest hospital or healthcare provider could be many hours away. Through our partnership with Hand in Hand India, our Mobile Health Units in Chennai and Indore provided much-needed care to almost 43,000 patients in 2022. We are proud to be a part of such an important initiative and look forward to seeing how many more patients we can help in the future.”

    -Sampathkumar Chittibabu, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Endo India

  • Rosie Filling

    A Commitment to Research and Scientific Innovation

    “Our R&D team is passionate about developing and bringing new, affordable medicines to patients. With our One Team mindset, we focus on smart product selection, operational execution, and continuous improvements to deliver products of uncompromising quality and value to our customers. Through our clinical development program, we remain committed to growing and expanding our branded specialty pipeline through the development and delivery of nonsurgical treatments to help everyone we serve live their best lives.”

    -Rosie Filling, VP & Senior Global Head R&D Operations

Living Our Values Awards 

Our values are critical to our success. Endo’s prestigious Living Our Values Awards program recognizes team members who inspire us by their example and deliver on our vision to help those we serve live their best life.