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Advancing Through Research

R&D Approach

Transforming health burdens into new ideas

Our dedicated scientists, physicians, regulatory experts, statisticians, and clinical operations team members around the world work collaboratively to address unmet patient needs.

R&D Philosophy

United in purpose, we embrace technology and innovation as we develop and deliver products.

Our research and development efforts focus on specialty pharmaceutical and medical therapeutics—including endocrinology, orthopedics, and urology—as well as sterile injectable and high-value generic medicines. By concentrating our efforts in these targeted areas, we direct our expertise and resources toward developing treatments that have the potential to transform patient outcomes.

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Patient Safety

Safety is our top priority as we develop new products.

Our Pharmacovigilance team works to identify, understand, and communicate all safety information about Endo’s products to both prescribers and patients. 

This process starts with our clinical trials, where we identify adverse events and risks so that they can be shared with regulators to assess the overall risk-benefit profile and determine the product’s viability. Once approved, these risks must be clearly communicated. 

After our products get to market, we have a responsibility to detect and report adverse events and quality complaints associated with our products, including but not limited to: unfavorable side effects, dosing errors, misuse, malfunctions, and concerns about performance or efficacy of a product. Our established monitoring program, which includes a call center, email, and medical information portal, tracks this information in a timely and efficient manner, enabling us to report any significant side effects or safety issues that may occur to the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

We also conduct postmarketing clinical trials and health economic studies to gather additional data on certain products after they have reached the market. We share this study information with regulatory authorities, researchers, and prescribers to improve the understanding of how our products are being used in real-world settings and to help healthcare professionals use our products safely and effectively.

If you need to report an adverse event, please call:

Branded products: +1-800-462-3636

Generic or Sterile products: +1-800-828-9393

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Nonsurgical Treatments 

Within our specialty research and development arm, we apply the latest technology to identify opportunities to improve patient outcomes through nonsurgical medicines. For instance, in recent years, our extensive research has confirmed the role of a specific enzyme in the treatment of several connective tissue disorders. Successful regulatory approvals of different presentations of a specific enzyme across multiple therapeutic areas have bolstered our team’s dedication and commitment to address areas of continued unmet patient needs. 

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Sterile Injectables

We constantly pursue new product solutions that address hospitals’ operational and clinical challenges. Our sterile product portfolio will grow quickly over the next few years, with dozens of projects in our pipeline. Within the complex sterile injectables category, we are particularly proud to offer ready-to-administer (RTA) and ready-to-use (RTU) medicines, part of our TruDelivery® platform, that help streamline hospital operations and support patient care when it matters most.

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Retail Generics 

Endo has a long history of developing and delivering generic pharmaceutical products in a variety of therapeutic categories. Bringing a therapeutically equivalent (also called AB-rated) generic product to market requires specialized product design expertise, consistent manufacturing processes, and demonstrated effectiveness through bioequivalence studies. At all times, we maintain unwavering standards for quality, efficacy, and safety as we bring these lifesaving, life-enhancing, and affordable medicines to patients in need.

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Real-World Data

We continue to study our products even after they are on the market to understand how healthcare providers and patients use them in the real world. We assess data from a variety of sources, including medical claims, electronic medical records, and patient surveys. When a rare disease lacks meaningful data, we may create our own disease registries to help cull the information from a variety of providers and experts. These real-world research efforts demonstrate our dedication to continuous learning and optimal patient outcomes.