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A technician squeezes the contents of a syringe into vials.


Committed to excellence and meeting the highest standards 

Our global manufacturing network spans one million square feet and features a proven track record of operational excellence and strong compliance.

A technician holds a small bottle in front of his face.

Culture of Quality and Compliance 

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We know that our products are more than just the vials, bottles, bags, pre-filled syringes, or tablets that make up our vast portfolio and supply network. They are the medicines that help individuals in our own communities and families.

That patient-first mindset drives Endo's unwavering commitment to quality and compliance.

We abide by stringent manufacturing standards, which helps us achieve consistent and reliable production and meet and exceed industry regulations. At the same time, we embrace an environment of continuous improvement.

Through Endo's Culture of Excellence program, our team members identify process improvements, seek diverse perspectives to solve problems, and innovate new ways of working to optimize the quality and effectiveness of our manufacturing processes.

Differentiated Capabilities

With a century-strong manufacturing legacy, we continuously evolve our operations and develop new ways to meet the needs of customers and patients.

That never-satisfied, forward-thinking mindset has earned us a reputation for overcoming technical challenges, creating high-quality medicines, and mastering our supply chain.

This expertise powers our unique product portfolio, which ranges from difficult-to-formulate products to delivery systems that require advanced manufacturing technology (like vials, syringes, pre-filled syringes, IV bags, large volume parenteral products, ophthalmic and otic semi-permeable containers, and combination drug device products).

Each of our facilities specializes in a specific production—such as oral solid doses (OSD), sterile injectables, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). We leverage capabilities across our global network, which strengthens our ability to maintain continuous product supply for patients.

A technician operates some machinery.
Technicians look at a laptop together with equipment in the background.

Production Partnerships


With our proven capabilities, regulatory expertise, and reputation for quality, Endo offers contract fill-finish manufacturing at our Rochester, Michigan facility and contract fermentation manufacturing at our Horsham, Pennsylvania site.

A cluster of trees on a peninsula in the middle of.a lake surrounded by mountains.

Resource-Efficient Operations

Environmental Sustainability 

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations, while promoting the efficient and responsible use of global resources, including conserving the water and energy used to make products and reducing waste across our supply chain. 


Endo’s Rochester, Michigan manufacturing site was established in 1907, and our newest facility in Indore, India will officially begin production later in 2024.

No matter their start dates, our seven manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and India utilize innovative, flexible equipment to produce and package liquids, semi-solids, solids, and injectable products, as well as APIs. The sites also house quality-control labs, research and development labs, packaging centers, and distribution facilities outfitted with the most advanced automated shipping systems.

Collaboration and leveraged capabilities among the sites increase our manufacturing efficiency and flexibility.

We also engage with trusted third-party contract manufacturing organizations. We uphold the same dedication and standards in these instances, so our customers can know that all our products are developed within an unwavering culture of quality and compliance.