Code of Conduct

To help Endo employees act with respect, trust and integrity, Endo's Code of Conduct defines how we interact with patients, healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, government officials, the healthcare community, shareholders, and each other.

Every employee is individually accountable for acting in accordance with our Code.



Endo's Code of Conduct (English) 

Code de conduite d’Endo (French Canadian) 

நமது நடத்தை நெறி (Tamil – India)



 At Endo, compliance and ethics is everyone's responsibility. Our employees must:

  • Understand and adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Follow all company policies and applicable laws
  • Seek clarification or guidance if they have a question
  • Report a concern if they suspect a violation of our Code of Conduct, a policy or applicable law, through:
    • Managers/Supervisors
    • Compliance Officers and the Compliance and Business Practices Department
    • Legal partners
    • Human resources partners
    • Endo's Ethics Hotline or website
  • Act with Respect, Trust and Integrity

Our Code of Conduct applies to every person conducting business for Endo and all Endo locations, affiliates and subsidiaries.