Reporting a Concern

Endo is committed to conducting business in an ethical and compliant manner. If standards are not met or an issue is identified, we have established procedures for reporting and handling concerns.

How to Raise a Concern

To enhance our already robust compliance program, Endo created the Office of Integrity in 2022. It serves as a centralized, confidential and objective resource for all Endo employees. Should team members have any questions or concerns they would like to report, they can work with the Office of Integrity in a confidential manner and without fear of retaliation. The Office oversees the process for receiving and triaging reports for investigation and/or corrective action and conducts compliance investigations.

In addition to the Office of Integrity, Endo offers many channels for speaking up, asking questions and raising concerns.

These channels include:

  • Direct Management or Senior Management
  • Corporate Compliance Business Leaders
  • Human Resources Business Partners
  • Legal Business Partners

Endo also has an Ethics Hotline through which reports can be made at any time by phone or online, including anonymously where allowed. Toll-free international numbers are available at for every country with Endo employees. All reports, whether submitted by phone or online, will be issued a reference number. You may use that reference number to provide further information or check the status of an investigation by phone or online at, regardless of how you originally used the hotline. Please note that investigations take time and our ability to share information may be limited.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Endo takes reports of alleged misconduct very seriously and will investigate them to determine if any law, Company policy or aspect of our Code of Conduct may have been violated.

Where permitted by local laws, you may use the Ethics Hotline to anonymously report known or suspected issues or ask a question. Some countries prohibit or discourage anonymous reporting or restrict the types of information that may be reported. If you use the Ethics Hotline from one of those countries, you will be advised of any specific reporting restrictions.

The information you report will be treated as confidentially as possible. Your report will be shared only with those who need to know about it to answer your question or to investigate the matter. Should you choose to identify yourself, Endo will make every reasonable effort to keep your identity confidential, while at the same time meeting its obligation to fairly investigate the matter. In some instances, Endo may be required to reveal your identity, if known.

Endo’s Non-Retaliation Policy

No form of retaliation or intimidation against an employee who makes a report of a suspected violation or otherwise participates in good faith in any investigation of a suspected violation will be tolerated. Employees who engage in retaliation or intimidation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as stated in Endo’s Code of Conduct.