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Commitment to Integrity

Ethics & Compliance

Doing the right thing, every time

Operating with ethics and integrity are shared values across our company.

Team members do the right thing and are accountable for their actions. Our organizational structures, systems, and policies provide the foundation from which this culture can thrive.

Compliance Program

Our Global Corporate Compliance program is founded on Endo’s values and our commitment to ethics and integrity. The program allows us to effectively achieve our business objectives while providing clear rules of business conduct and practical guidance through developing collaborative partnerships in all aspects of our business.

Our Corporate Compliance program includes the fundamental elements of an effective compliance program established by the Office of Inspector General, the Department of Justice, and applicable industry codes.

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Code of Conduct

Anchored by our Code of Conduct, we work at every level of the company to educate our team members about our policies and standards and the methods of raising issues or concerns.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all team members globally and defines how we interact with patients, healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, government officials, the healthcare community, shareholders, and our colleagues. It is designed to enable team members to apply the principles of respect, trust, and integrity to their day-to-day activities. All team members, full-time and select part-time contractors, and vendors are required to complete annual training on the tenets of the Code of Conduct and certify that they will adhere to it.

We educate healthcare professionals about our products, collaborate with them on research, and rely on their expertise as advisers. These interactions are governed by laws, regulations, and standards and always reflect our commitment to integrity.

Our marketing and promotion highlight the approved uses of our products and the needs of patients. The truthful, on-label, fair-balanced, and ethical communications are designed to help healthcare professionals make informed and independent decisions about how they can use our products for their patients.

Governments are integral to the pharmaceutical industry, from research and development and regulatory submissions to manufacturing and import/export activities. Through these interactions, we follow all anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and act with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Endo provides equal employment opportunity and fair treatment to all applicants and employees on the basis of merit. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. Team members embrace our values and treat each other with respect, dignity, and empathy.

Know the Rules

By educating ourselves about relevant policies and procedures

Act with Integrity & Respect

By showing respect for your colleagues, our customers, and all of Endo’s stakeholders

Speak Up

By reporting behavior inconsistent with the Code of Conduct

Leadership Responsibilities 

Our leadership fosters a culture of compliance by setting the appropriate “tone at the top” and by demonstrating a commitment to ethical and compliant business practices every day.

Leadership responsibilities include:

  • Our Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to our CEO and to the Compliance Committee Board of Directors.
  • Our Global Compliance Committee oversees, assesses, and enhances our compliance program and supports our strategic approach to compliance.
  • Our Board of Directors provides oversight through a Compliance Committee that receives quarterly updates on Endo’s Compliance program.

Reporting a Concern 

Endo is committed to conducting business in an ethical and compliant manner. If standards are not met or an issue is identified, we have established procedures for reporting and handling concerns.

Our Office of Integrity serves as a centralized, confidential, and objective resource for all team members and external stakeholders. The office receives reports and conducts compliance investigations.

Endo’s Ethics Hotline is available 24/7 by phone or online, and reports may even be anonymous if permitted by local laws. Toll-free international numbers are available for every country with Endo team members.

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